** Only use SimNet in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Do NOT use Safari or Chrome! If you do not have Firefox, you can download it for free at mozilla.com.

Using Firefox or Internet Explorer, Go to csn.simnetonline.com

(*these are the directions for SimNet 2007. SimNet 2010 might look slightly different, but the basics are all the same.)

Click in Yes that you attend College of Southern Nevada, then click Next.

Click in NO that already have a SimNet username, then click Next.

Click next to the box on Check this box if you agree to the end user license agreement.

Click on your class to select it.

Put in your Registration Code. If you are waiting for Financial Aid, you can get a 21 day free trial, but you will need to buy the Registration Code before the end of your class session or I cannot see your progress and you will flunk the class.

Complete your Registration and you will be set to go!!

If you already have a SimNet login from another class & want to just join my class do this:


Click on the Assignments Tab. To do a lesson: **check your Calendar in Angel to see what activity you should be working on.


To see your progress on your lessons, click on the Gradebook tab:

To do an exam:

After you click on End Exam:

If you created a custom lesson, click on the Self Study tab: **Creating a custom lesson is a great way to review just the tasks you missed on an exam.

To see the results of your exams, click on the Gradebook tab:

To change your password or personal info in SimNet, click on the My SimNet tab:

For technical problems, contact the McGraw-Hill (SimNet) Technical Support folks:

Hours: Sunday (4PM - 9PM Pacific), Monday - Thursday (6AM - 9PM Pacific), Friday 6AM - 4PM Pacific)
Toll Free Support: 1-800-331-5094

Email Support: SimNetSupport@McGraw-Hill.com